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What is Screen Printing?

The term Screen Printing exactly describes the process of Printing your Garments. Basically we are using a squeegee to pass ink through a screen to create your image. The Screen is basically a Tightly Stretched Mesh Fabric attached to a Frame. Kind of like your screen door except the Screening Material is much finer.

Each printed color at each printed location requires it’s own screen. In other words, if we were printing Red and Blue on the front of a white shirts, we would need one screen for the Red and one screen for the Blue. If we were also printing a different Red and Blue image on the back of the same shirt it would require two additional screens.


How much for………….?

The cost of printed and embroidered garments is dependant upon many variables. Pricing may not be as simple as opening a ready made price list and offering a quote.



Fill out and FAX back


The cost of SCREEN PRINTED items is calculated based on the following:
1 - Quality Lever of the Garment being printed.
Your basic T-Shirt is available in three versions and at 3 different price points.
100% Cotton as well as a 50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blend
100% Cotton is available in a 6.1oz version and a 5.4 oz version.
50/50 is available in 5.4 oz.
Price points are:
6.1oz 100% Cotton – Most Expensive
5.4 oz. 100% Cotton - Least Expensive
50/50 somewhere in between.

2 - Number of Garments being printed
Pricing is calculated based on the Quantity of your order. Basically the brackets are:
12 to 23
24 to 47*
48 to 95*
96 to 191
and there are several brackets above these.
The more garments ordered the greater the savings.

3 – Color of The Garments Being Printed.
White Shirts are the least expensive to use. All other shirts are considered colored
shirts and will be somewhat more costly.

4 - Number of Print Locations.
With each print location there is an additional cost. In other words if you wish to
print just the front of the shirt there is a set cost. If you wish to add a print to
the back of the shirt, there is an additional charge for that.

5 - Number of Ink Colors being printed at each Print Location
Each additional ink color at each Print Location increases the cost of your overall
Print. The more colors printed the higher your cost will be. If you are dealing
with a budget, consider reducing the number of colors in your print.

FAQ regarding Screen Printed Garments:

What is your minimum order:

Answer: Our minimum for a single color print is 12 pieces [single color print, same design, same color ink, same location]

Minimums for multi-color prints:
2 color print = 24
3 color print = 36
4 color print = 48
5 color print =60
6 color print = 72.

How much does it cost to print 50 shirts?

Answer: I don’t know. What do you want printed on these garments? What quality garment are you interested in? What color garments? How many print locations? How many colors are in your design? etc.

Are there set-up Charges?

Answer: Yes. Screen Charges/Set-up Charges are not factored into the cost for
printing and they charged separately.

Where can I find your price list?

Answer: We do not post our price list because we are NOT selling a Commodity.
Blank T-Shirts are a commodity and the Blank Shirt you buy at WalMart
is exactly the same as the Blank Shirt you buy at Walgreens.


Producing Quality Custom Printed Shirt is a function of several factors
Quality Artwork
Using the Correct Screen Mesh
Quality Inks being used
Quality of the equipment being used in the printing process
Having someone printing that actually cares about your finished
Meeting your due date every time!

We don’t post our price list because of the complexity of pricing due to
the many factors listed above.


Embroidery is priced using pretty much the same parameters as for Screen Printing except:
Lower minimum quantities
Part of the cost is based on the size, density and total number of stitches in your
There is a digitizing charge - which is basically setting the design to be sewn. This
cost varies depending upon the number of stitches in the design.
There are no additional charges for additional colors.

We will be happy to answer any question you have concerning our PRODUCT, SERVICE and PRICING. Please call David @ 732-563-1890.

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We specialize in T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Caps, Jackets, Denims, Outerwear, etc.

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