Central New Jersey's source for high-quality, SCREEN PRINTED and EMBROIDERED items.
We specialize in T-Shirts, golf shirts, caps, jackets, denims, sweatshirts, bags, etc.
All Work Done on Premises
Consistent High-Quality Workmanship
Quick Turnaround
Attention to YOUR Needs
Superior Customer Service
Competitive Pricing Every Day
Cutting-Edge, Creative Graphic Design



Our Mission Statement: Customer Satisfaction.......... period

Buying T-Shirts is not your occupation. In fact, you probably assumed this task meerely by being the last one to step back
when they asked for volunteers. We understand this and don’t want to turn “The Shirt Order” into your second career.

What should you expect from your Shirt Guy? S i m p l y - An Anxiety Free Relationship.

All you really want is:
Your Order Completed When Promised
Your Order Done Right The First Time
Friendly, Helpful Service
Competitive Pricing
No Surprises


Fill out and FAX back


What does The 1890 T-Shirt Company offer?
ALL THE ABOVE, P L U S First and formost we offer VALUE to our customers. Simply the best combination of SERVICE, QUALITY WORKMANSHIP and PRICING. Your order is complete when you want it, done right the first time and priced fairly.

What else does The 1890 T-Shirt Company offer?
We have both manual and automatic High End Equipment capable of servicing your needs to produce a quality finished product on a timely basis. We are not a part-time; out of the garage operation.

We print only on First Quality, Name Brand garments. No Seconds, No Cheap Brand X.We use only Name Brand, Top Quality inks in our printing process.

Artistic Creativity - We have an outstanding Graphic Arts department capable of creating any design, simple lettering to complex multi-color artwork, quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost.

Our Artists are very “User Friendly”. We take the grief out of Artwork.

We keep you informed on the status of your assignment. Should any problems arise we will put in the extra time to ensure you receive your order when and how you want it.

We are not a 9 to 5 shop.

Let’s face it, The T-Shirt Game is not Brain Surgery, it is T-Shirts. But that doesn’t mean that your T-Shirt Guy should treat your garments with any less care than your brain surgeon treats your brain. We feel it is imperative to meet our mission statement with every assignment. We work hard to ensure that your order is done right the first time and we check everything just to make certain that all the sponges are removed before closing.

Deal directly with the owner or at least a halfway intelligent person.
At The 1890 T-Shirt Company you get both in one. The ability to bring some levity to the “Pressure Packed World of Haberdashery." We are fun people. Have you ever walked into a store to have someone look up from their desk, scope you out, put their head back down for couple of minutes to take care of "more important" work before acknowledging your existence. That doesn’t happen at The 1890 T-Shirt Company. When you enter our store you are our “Favorite Customer” and we are glad to see you.

Try us, you'll like us.

The 1890 T-Shirt Company is Central New Jersey's source for high quality, competititively priced CUSTOM DESIGNED SCREEN PRINTED and EMBROIDERED wareables.
We specialize in T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Caps, Jackets, Denims, Outerwear, etc.

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